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Company News
Cellophane machine team finished heavy load test successfully in Xinjiang
时间:2014/2/12 17:09:22

On November 16, 2013, our cellophane machine team members went to Xinjiang for heavy load test run for two cellophane machines BZJ-2300 installed and tested without load earlier.    Once team members arrived in Xinjiang, they began to negotiate with related personnel of production in customer’s company immediately to reach a mutual solution and started to feed materials, on the 18th, after tense debugging, the cellophane paper began to be released smoothly. The constant tension winding is one of the highlights of this debugging, through the efforts of our team members, finally the heavy load test work is finished successfully on December 1. The installation, debugging and heavy load test are all successful. The significance of this success marked the technology of cellophane machine in our company occupied the leading level in domestic.
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