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Company News
China rubber recycling equipment research and manufacturing base are settled in Yaxi
时间:2013/10/16 11:35:42

On September 4, 2012, chairman of China Rubber Industry Association Fan Rende, secretary general Deng Yali, secretary general of hose and belt branch Li Hong, secretary general of rubber machinery mold branch Jiang Xin, secretary general of scrap rubber utilization branch Cao Qingxin, chairman of Sichuan retread tire association Liu Yuhou, secretary general Sun Fangshou, President of Sichuan Yuanxin Wu Fuming, president of Sichuan Xinyao rubber Wang Shizhan are gathering in Yaxi to participate the rubber recycling equipment research and manufacturing base opening ceremony. President Guo Wenjing, general manager Guo Hanshu, director of engineering technology research center and all middle-level managers participate this ceremony. Entrusted by China rubber industry association leadership, opening ceremony was presided over by secretary general Cao Qingxin.

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