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  Sales Hotline:0833- 32088660833-3208867

Pre-sale Service:

Pre-sale service refers to all the serivces offered by our sales staffs and technical engineers to customers before contracting . Pre-sale services include providing customers with information consulting, product customization, customer on-site technical support, answering customer site as well as business and technical documents, review the terms of the contract to avoid risks. Pre-service primary purpose is to help customers make project planning and system requirements analysis, assure our products to meet user' needs and engineering requirements.


In-sale Service:

In-sale service referes to all the services offered to customers from contracting to delivery, which includes contracting, arranging production, tracking production schedule and offering the supervisory conditions and accepting customers' investigaton and on-site detection.The purpose of in-sale service is to exclude the unfavorable factors and provide customers with quality products accurately and timely.


After-sale Service

After-sale service refers to sales staffs and after-sale service staffs offering customer on-site installation guide and solving cable probems, understanding the conditions of product operation and customer satisfaction as well as the situations of investigating and handling customer complaints. The purpose of after-sale service is to ensure the operation of products safely and stably and solve all the sudden accidents.




Address:#128 Shengli Street, Niuhua Town, Wutongqiao District, Leshan City, Sichuan Province, P.R.C.
Sales Hotline:0833- 32088660833-3206006E-mail:lixuyan@yxxs.com