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R & D



                               Introduction of Engineering Technology Research Center


Sichuan rubber machinery and scrap rubber utilization Engineering Research Center, (referred to Technology Center) is a provincial-level technology center approved by the Sichuan Provincial Science and Technology Agency. Relying on Yaxi Rubber & Plastic Machine Co., Ltd, the technology center is established. In accordance with requirements of Provincial Science and Technology Department, technical center will explore new management model and operational mechanism actively in the process of formation.


After the completion of center, it will strengthen the development of rubber machinery and comprehensive utilization of scrap rubber equipment and continue to provide enterprises with mature supporting process、new technology、 new equipment and make a positive contribution to the development of the industry.


The technology center also integrates the technological resources of domestic and international rubber machinery and comprehensive utilization of scrap rubber to promote research cooperation. Meanwhile, it builds a platform for technological innovation and industrialization to promote the innovative capacity of rubber machinery and comprehensive utilization of scrap rubber technology in our province. To improve overall technical level of rubber machinery in our country and the comprehensive utilization of waste rubber, the technology center will promote energy saving and emission reduction to contribute to the development of circular economy.



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