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  Sales Hotline:0833- 32088660833-3208867
Company Profile




SICHUAN YAXI RUBBER & PLASTIC MACHINE CO., LTD was founded in 1942 and used to be the only major professional manufacturer of rubber & plastic machinery in Southwest and Northwest China appointed by the Ministry of Machine-Building Industry and the Ministry of Chemical Industry. In 2002, the state-owned company was transformed into a private ownership and renamed as SICHUAN YAXI RUBBER & PLASTIC MACHINE CO., LTD


SICHUAN YAXI RUBBER & PLASTIC MACHINE CO., LTD perseveres in creating value for clients as our mission. Not only do we sell machines to clients, but also deduce together with our clients the modern commercial logic of “win-win cooperation”. We serve not simply as a Seller, but more over as a Partner trusted by clients. By means of communication and cooperation with our clients, we keep on optimizing our products and thus hand over the most suitable products to our clients. We develop ourselves upon the success of our clients in their business.


SICHUAN YAXI RUBBER & PLASTIC MACHINE CO., LTD has about 1,000 workers and staff, including 153 middle/high-ranked technicians and administrators, and 17 experts awarded by the Ministry and the Bureau for their outstanding contributions, of whom 3 experts enjoy monthly special subsidiary granted by the State Council. The site operating workers come mostly from technical school or career technical colleges with good education and technical training.


The company's registered capital is 49.12 million CNY, while the total asset is 350 million CNY. The occupation of land area is about 150,000m2, including 100,000m2 workshop area. The company possesses more than 800 processing equipments for casting, forging, pressing, welding, machining, heat-treating and assembling, as well as CAD Technical Center, Measuring & Checking Center, and Training Center for workers/staff.


With the advantages of an age-old manufacturing history, a high-level R & D team, professional operating workers and powerful mechanical processing strength, the company has won in the rubber industry its deserved positions: an executive-director unit of China Rubber Industry Association, a draftsman unit of the National Manufacturing Standards for China rubber machinery industry, a National High & New Technology Enterprise and the Researching & Manufacturing Equipment Base for China Rubber Cyclic Utilization.


Our major products are internal mixers, open mixing mills, calendars, cellophane machines, complete set of equipments for rubber-sheathed cable production lines, and complete set of equipments for reclaimed rubber/powder production lines. The annual sales revenue has exceeded 250 million CNY. The company is ranked in the first 10 rubber machinery manufactures in China and listed by ERJ (2012) at the 21st of the top of the rubber machinery manufactures in the world. Yaxi-branded machines are well sold all over China and largely exported to South America, North America, Southeast Asia, West Asia and other areas in the world.


The company is located in the well-known Chinese historical & cultural city - Leshan, 128 km away from southwest of Chengdu. In the territory, both the world famous Leshan Giant Buddha and Mt. Emei are listed by UNESCO as World Natural and Cultural Heritages. Leshan is one of the best tourist cities in China with its pleasant climate and picturesque landscape.

   SICHUAN YAXI RUBBER & PLASTIC MACHINE CO., LTD. welcomes with open arms all visitors at home and abroad to our company for an investigation, intercommunication and cooperation.

Address:#128 Shengli Street, Niuhua Town, Wutongqiao District, Leshan City, Sichuan Province, P.R.C.
Sales Hotline:0833- 32088660833-3206006E-mail:lixuyan@yxxs.com